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Three Bead Net Classroom

Three Bead Net Classroom

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This is just a simple classroom to show all of you who are interested how I make my netted bags.
I know that there are many variations out there on doing this, but this is the way that works the easiest for me.

Step 1 Thread your needle with about 4ft of thread. DO NOT tie off. String on 72 beads. String back thru all the beads forming a circle. Tie a simple square knot to hold the beads in place. Not too tightly!

Step 2 Your thread is coming out of bead #1. String on 3 beads and thread thru bead #5. Repeat this step all the way around the circle. Each time you pick up 3 beads and skip 3 beads.

Step 3 When you get to the end of the circle, your thread should be entering bead #1. You will now do a step up (just like in peyote, for those of you who are familiar). All you do is pass your needle thru the two beads in the first "net" you stitched.

Step 4 Now that your thread is coming out of the "center" bead in one of your nets, put on 3 beads and string thru the "center" bead in the next net. Continue doing this until you reach you next "step up", repeating step 3. Repeat steps 4 & 3 approximately 24 times, or until the bag is as tall as you would like it.

To finish, stitch the bottom of the bag closed by zig-zagging back and forth between the nets. Close it together and you will see how they will fit into each other similar to a zipper. Attach fringe and a strap and you are done!

Hope you have fun!

Copyright 1997 Beki Haley
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